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rome s chance by joanna wylde goodreads - becky it s a novella usually just the full length books in a series get a whole number novellas and short stories get a number with a decimal point so more it s, better off dead fantasy series the lily harper series - better off dead fantasy series the lily harper series book 1 kindle edition by h p mallory download it once and read it on your kindle device pc phones or, riskier business crossing the line kindle edition by - 3 75 stars riskier business is the first installment and novella in tessa bailey s contemporary adult crossing the line erotic romance series a spin off from her, merlin s end unfulfilled merlin arthur - i absolutely agree luis you echo the feelings of all of us here we know that they were in fact intending on having a series 6 they even talked about it publicly, the lantean legacy series keira marcos - woohoo absolutely looking forward to the new series it sounds so exciting i m a total fan of everything you write so i know it will not disappoint like, true blood series tv tropes - aww look they really do love each other bill and jessica had their problems but when russell nearly kills her bill gives the loon a stern talking to provoking, tangled destinies keira marcos - i will cast actors to play the parts and you will have to imagine them with you know pointy ears and slanted eyebrows i know that it s stupid because it s not, some kind of hero troubleshooters 17 by suzanne brockmann - some kind of hero was a fast paced action packed read that basically took off from the first paragraph i enjoyed every minute this is part of a series, twilight literature tv tropes - books in this series twilight 2005 new moon 2006 eclipse 2007 breaking dawn 2008 the short second life of bree tanner 2010 novella that details the last, the okc edge home - the okc edge giving you the 411 on geek society and pop culture in okc and surrounding areas while promoting local artists and musicians, hyrule haeresis 5 eruditorum press - patriarchy is built on epic time learned male history requires exhaustive documentation of political kingdoms and dynastic successions the chosen warrior, behind the times eruditorum press - doctor who was and is frequently racist in its representations probably no more or less than most other cultural products of our society but